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• Trial / test campaigns.
• No lock-in contract
• Zero programming fees
• Start your campaign within hours.
• Get daily reports charting your progress
• Receive your leads as they are discovered.
• Reduce sales cycle, & expedite production.
• Lead Generation & Script Assistance.

Outbound Service

This is a Pay-per-call, or by-the-hour service. Our clients use this service for marketing campaigns, surveys, lead generation, qualifying buyers, customer retention, customer list research, customer reactivation, and appointment setting. Also to increase trade show and web event attendance levels, and early bird registration.

All call center staff reside in North America. They are supervised on site, and do not work from home. Feel free to visit us, and get a facility tour.

VoiceMail Courier® consists of live agents in our call center that personally courier your recorded voice message into the voicemail of the target client. This process is hand delivered, one message at a time.

Our clients use this service to Increase attendance at tradeshows, webinars and events. Increase cold calling speed and customer notification time.

Ringcast®, is a voice broadcast service, automatically dialing the telephone to deliver your pre-recorded message.

Pollcast® is an automatic voice broadcast polling service.

Voicecasting® is a Ringless voice mail broadcast service. Voicecasting automatically delivers your pre-recorded voice message straight to voicemail, without ringing the telephone and without disturbing anyone. We invented Voicecasting in 1997

Our clients use this service, as an alternative to voice broadcasting.

Service for effective and expedited mass communication. Try our fax merge and let us do all the setup and loading. Just send your document by email, we will do the rest.

Is your data list missing fields, such as eMail, Telephone, Fax, Contact Name, etc. We do the research for you, we fill in all your missing data.

This unique service allows clients to easily manage enterprise e-mail campaigns, utilizing HTML capabilities to provide the highest quality e-mail solution. Our transparent systems deliver messages to targeted e-mail audiences instantly.

Our call center will locate and transfer to you, live calls or hot leads for your sales team to close.


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Innovative Marketing
  Deliver your message to a live prospect,  or to voicemail, on the first call, to receive maximum impact.  
  Send your message to their voice mail box, without ringing their phone.  
  Our senior consultants provide you with complementary Professional Campaign Guidance and market advice.  
  Before you make a final decision, get a consultative  quote,  with market advice, tailored to your campaign.  
  Generate prequalified "sales-ready leads". Proven calling scripts available.  

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