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• Trial / test campaigns.
• No lock-in contract
• Zero programming fees
• Start your campaign within hours.
• Get daily reports charting your progress
• Receive your leads as they are discovered.
• Reduce sales cycle, & expedite production.
• Lead Generation & Script Assistance.

Event Marketing

Email and Direct Mail campaigns are not enough….according to our existing Event Management clientele.

We specialize in increasing Event / Conference attendance levels by 30% to 40%. It has been proven, event attendance will increase with a personal phone call reminder, just days before the event date.

Email gets caught in spam filters, or lost with the daily 100 other emails received. Direct mail ends up at the bottom of a pile of other mail. A phone call reminder works because, people’s lives are very busy and tend to forget.

Our call center will call everyone on your list to ensure registration. You’ll be on-top of your campaign, and know your costs in advance.

Our live call center delivers your message 100% on every call, guaranteed! This keeps your throughput High, and your costs Low.

We can make thousands of personal calls for you on a daily basis to help make your event more successful. A personal call will certainly personalize the reminder notice. We read a script to a live recipient, or drop a message in their voice mail. The message can be that of your own voice.

Need help with your Sales Script? , ask a consultant, it’s Free.

Receive call reports that show an overview of your campaign, and detailed log reports with the exact outcome of every call.

Live Staff: At Voicelogic, we will always have a live person here to answer your call, to service your needs, or to assist with your campaign. We are open from 7 am to 12 midnight each day, where you may speak live to your campaign representative, accounting dept, or to the operations center, to help you with your campaign.


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Innovative Marketing
  Deliver your message to a live prospect,  or to voicemail, on the first call, to receive maximum impact.  
  Send your message to their voice mail box, without ringing their phone.  
  Our senior consultants provide you with complementary Professional Campaign Guidance and market advice.  
  Before you make a final decision, get a consultative  quote,  with market advice, tailored to your campaign.  
  Generate prequalified "sales-ready leads". Proven calling scripts available.  

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